Cease & Desist

So last week I received an interesting letter from the brand with the three strips, requesting that I take down one of my t-shirt designs because I am infringing the Adidas trademark & copyright.


Honestly it’s a fair cop, it was obvious I was illustrating Adidas sneaker boxes and slapping the nope logo over the top so I have now taken my dassler boxes tee offline and did a little giveaway of the stickers via my Instagram.


I’ve been asked if id bootleg again off the back of this, Maybe I’ll continue I’m not sure, I suppose how many brands I manage to annoy. From a design point of view there so much fun to create, but if it damages me as an illustrator and any chance of future collaborations I might have to sadly give it up and keep them just for laughs.


For posterity you can see the designs that caused such a fuss below.

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