Alice is no more....

If you are wondering why the tees & women’s range I launched on the 1st of June are no longer online, fear not you’ve not missed out, I didn’t become the next big thing over night. Sadly for me my production partner has refused to put my bootleg collection into production, which is a huge shame and I’m really really sorry that the people that jumped on the pre-orders as they will not be receiving the epic mash up I made – I only have my samples to cherish as memories.


Now this has happened a few times in a short space of time with some of my other t-shirts also, my store is looking a little empty. But I do have the recent Miami supper club range available and I’ll be adding women’s tee’s from this collection. Over the next few weeks I will have some more pieces coming to my store which won’t be getting taken down, for the for now though the bootleg tees have to stop.


Who knows maybe they’ll return.


In other news though, my Ajax shirt series has almost gone.. as I write this I have 1 left, I would like to thank all 19 of you who have copped this, it’s one of my favourite of all time.


If you missed out though.. there is some more Ajax pieces on the way.


Thanks for dropping in.


Mr Nope.

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