New Prints

This week i added a bunch of new prints to the store, most of which came via email requests and some of my own favourites (Hull City) There are still a load more i have to launch which have either come via email or messages from clients, if you would like to see me drop your favourite shirt, just get in touch and i’ll see what i can do.

New Packaging.

Because of a few delays and some packaging issues that came from delays, i’ve updated my print packaging to an even more robust and sturdy option. All prints ship in the new packaging regardless of the shipping option you select at checkout. Also there is no increase to shipping, i’ve sourced a packaging that is still eco friendly and the same price, also it puts my mind at ease that you will all receive your prints in grade A condition which is what really matters to me.

Images of the new packaging & two of my new prints are below for you to check out.

Thanks for reading.

Mr Nope.