Jumpers For Goalposts Season 2

Last week I sneakily dropped my latest set of Jumper for Goalposts prints, I say sneakily but I put out enough posts up on Instagram, Facebook etc. to let you all know they were ready, and I’ve been absolutely overwhelmed by the response I’ve had, it all goes back into making new prints & products and it’s always nice to see people appreciating my work.


I’ve also had a few requests via email for teams that I haven’t featured or illustrated yet for prints, I think I’ve now responded to most of you but like I have said, if I get enough requests for a team, nation or specific request (Rugby Fans I here you) I’ll put these in the next collection for Jumpers for goalposts three.


Because I have been so busy sending orders & adding items to my store I’ve had no time at all to do what I love, illustrating, designing and having fun working on ideas.


In saying that though I’m working on some secret things for the upcoming football season with a few more of the Dutch & Belgian teams I’ve been commissioned by, if you follow my Instagram account you’ll have an idea who I’m talking about.  I’ll share it when they are done.


That’s all from me for now, but if you have any questions either leave a comment below or drop me an email via the contact form on the site.




Mr Nope.

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