Never Not Busy....

It’s been a while since I updated anything on my website or even did any of updates that I had planned to do and there is a good reason for it, I’m busy… this isn’t a complaint, as a freelance illustrator it’s better to be busy that sat watching Netflix.

Since August I’ve been working flat out with client projects, moving house & dealing with a slipped disc (grandfather time is catching up with me). The main bulk of my work at the moment is top secret… but in June & July of next year (2020) if you’re a football fan, you will definitely see some of my work on the world’s biggest stage.


Besides the client projects I’ve got an absolute ton of Nope products & special projects coming up, the first of which will be a sticker & print set which if you follow my Instagram you’ll have an idea of what’s coming… but there is also going to be a whole series of these Pussy Extractions coming, not just Garfield. (The Garfield sneak peaks are below)


Some other things to keep an eye out for are the return of the Ajax prints…. Yes, DE GODENZONEN is making a return…and there will be the chance to grab my football prints fully framed and ready to hang, the idea is to have these up & live November the 1st so stay tuned.


As always if you have questions or need an illustrator drop me a message.


Mr Nope

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