What a difference a year makes, this time last year I’d quit my job to follow my dream and to be a professional drawer person (unofficial job title). Which after 20 odd years in fashion retail… was scary, I’m talking pant crapping scary here btw. But I couldn’t do another year in a place I didn’t belong, nor want to belong either. I’ve worked at some big companies and I think I have the same contempt for each and every one of them, not because I’m bitter about them, I did ok at the places I’ve worked and met some great friends along the way too. There just so full of shit it’s unreal, 99% of the time your forced into decisions based upon someone’s own personal agenda and it normally goes against common sense, and it gets tiring, so after much poking and pushing, a year ago I handed in my noticed and said “fuck this I’m done”.

I started Nope design to become a freelance illustrator & designer and even pizza delivery boy if I really had to (genuine fall back plan to not go back to my old job), bills have to paid after all.

Luckily this year has gone better than I could ever imagined and I’ve not needed to deliver a single pizza (bonus)

I wanted to sell my skills on my terms without the bollocks of the corporate world, whilst helping people as much as I can, nothing fancy in terms of my goals really, I just wanted to make clients happy while being honest and giving out great work.

It just feels better believing in yourself rather than some corporate mission statement, it’s really helped my orders for 2019 let’s put it that way, so I’ll continue to keep up what I’m doing and update you all as and when I can, if you ever have questions or a request for art just drop me an email on here or message me via social media.

I can’t wait to get stuck into 2019’s projects as I’ve got some really special things happening this year, and I’m mega excited about my second tee designs which I’m hoping to release in March, more stickers also and maybe if your good boy’s n girls there could be some very special pins on the way.

Thanks for supporting me in 2018 .


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