KV Mechelen Merchandise

KV Mechelen Cup Final 2019 Merchandise

Incredibly proud moment for me this week, some of the merchandise I designed for the Bekerfinale 2019 in Belgium are now on sale in the KV Mechelen club shop. If you want to go and check them out, go ahead and check the official FANSTORE of KVM.


This is hands down one of my biggest projects to date, challenging on a number of levels, the biggest being the fact I only have a basic knowledge of the Flemish language.


I love a challenge though and to be able to get this over the line is a feeling I can’t really put into words, but as football design is one of my biggest passions I think you can imagine I’ve done a little happy dance a few times about this.


I’ve dropped some of the images of the Scarfs in the blog here so you can see the final outcome, when I’ve got some more time this week I’ll share the designs files that were presented … spoiler alert they won’t look as fancy as you think.

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