New Tee's & Hoodies Launch 1st of June.

I thought I’d try to take a moment in between my rather hectic client schedule to update you all on what’s coming up from my store and the impending changes I’m making to my product collection.

So after some more testing of my tee prints & some feedback from friends & clients I’m going to change the products that my illustrations are printed on.

I’m not a perfectionist but as a little independent brand I want the quality to be one of my main elements, I’d rather have ten bits of high quality that will last the test of time, than something that is going to warp and fade quickly. So based upon that I am changing the clothing products to Stanley & Stella.

Apart from the obvious quality choice, Stanley & Stella are one of the most, if not the best ethically sourced organic cotton producers on the market. We all know our little planet is on its arse and if I’m going to be adding anything meaningful to the world it’s best it comes from sustainable sources.

Head on over to Stanley & Stella’s website and have a look at what there about, I’ve been really nice and made it mega easy by leaving this handy link HERE.

Along with the change in products I will be phasing in some new tees and for the first time I’ll be offering my designs in women’s sizing, along with my first ever hoodies. For now though the new t-shirt & hoody drop will remain a secret (I’ve not decided on a final line up )

You can be sure though that the new tees & hoods will have a bootleg vibe to them – if you search my Instagram you might figure out what’s coming up, I suppose I should also say. they will launch 1st of June with a small pre order a few days before.

Thanks for reading.

Mr nope.

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